How Having a Mobile App Increase Your Magento eCommerce's Sales?

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The age we live in, having a mobile app is not an "optional choice," rather an essentiality for your Business's online presence. In spite being a prime need today, a lot of eCommerce owners overlook the power of the mobile app.
Today a prominent share of your potential customer purchases online with their smartphones rather stressing on the desktops. Not having a mobile app especially if you use Magento for your eCommerce, make you lose a high percentage of your clients to smart opponents which may use so.
60% of eCommerce traffic currently drives from Mobile. To Understand thoroughly fine why Mobile app is the prime most thing for your Magento eCommerce let's discuss in deep below the top reasons -  

Reasons - why you need a Mobile App for a Magento eCommerce Website?
      Rapidly increasing users for mobile phone

As the emergent technology is coupled with various smartphone brands, the number of mobile phone users, are growing incredibly great. The significant reasons behind it are the various utilities Mobile Phones provide simplifying everything that is performed on the desktop.

Aiming the 60% web traffic with an efficient and easy Magento mobile app is a great gateway for improving sales.

      Customers are served with delightful experience

A Magento mobile app saves a superb time! Buyers now experience the best. The mobile app offers an easy-peasy process to access your eCommerce store with a few finger taps on the app. Just with easy finger tapping, on the app they can easily scan over your eStore, pick the desired products and instantly advance to the checkout page.

The main advantage is that it saves your valuable time, and indirectly you also save the time of your esteem buyers. You facilitate your shoppers to with seamless Omni-channel access to your Magento eCommerce

      Push Notifications

Do you think you can expand sales if your customers are not up-to-date with latest additions, discounts, and other lucrative offers you currently on your store? Your eCommerce can achieve a tremendous boost in sales if you use Magento Mobile App, push notifications being the reason. A discount program or a new product launch, Push Notifications from the Magento mobile app helps you to improve the sales. As the notification flash on the buyers' phone, they get influenced by the new product or the discount you offer, which further increase your sales.

       Payment Gateway

Magento mobile app enables you to offer different payment gateways - the ones that come with Magento, and other payment alternatives you think are needful. This ensures payment facility will not turn roadblock in sales.

Technology has rendered many people the possibility of having the portable devices. As the trend increase, the manner people shop on the web- channels to access eCommerce- has also substantially increased. Keeping up with the trend, for expanding your sales you need the mobile app for your Magento eCommerce.

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Why Should You Prefer Laravel for Developing Web Applications?

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Based on PHP, Laravel is an Open Source Web Application Framework that is available for free to use. It is widely used for creating highly functional web applications. Laravel represents a simple yet beautiful Syntax thus you can customize the web application while using your creativity and more ideas. The best thing about the Laravel PHP framework is that it is very beautiful and expressive platform that makes it widely preferred choice of business persons and developers.

In this post, you will find out the some of the advantages of using Laravel:


Usually, a programmer needs to interact with the Laravel framework while using a command line that generates and manages the Laravel project environment. Laravel also offers a built-in tool for command-line names Artisan. With the help of this tool, it is easy to perform the several repetitive and slow programming tasks.

Template engine

Laravel framework consists of a wide range of inbuilt lightweight templates used to create astonishing layouts with dynamic content seeding. It comes with several widgets that include JS and CSS code. The amazing templates of Laravel are used to develop a simple layout with different sections.

Eloquent ORM

Laravel provides you with the Eloquent ORM that contains a simple PHP ActiveRecord implementation that helps you issue database queries with PHP syntax without writing SQL code. Each table in the database has a corresponding Model that makes it easy for you to interact with said table.


It comes with the Object Oriented libraries and several other pre-installed libraries that you will hardly find in any other PHP frameworks. One of its best libraries is an Authentication library that makes it highly functional. Moreover, it offers various advanced features i.e. checking active users, Bcrypt hashing, password reset, encryption, and many more.

Migration system for databases

In the Laravel, Migration system is used to improve the database structure of the web application without having to make a change. With Migration system, there are no possibilities to lose your data. Besides, the Laravel Schema Builder lets you build database tables with ease.

Unit-Testing and Security

Most developers prefer Laravel as it offers Unit testing. It runs several tests in order to assure that new changes don’t unexpectedly affect anything in the application. Laravel accepts hashed password means it doesn't save your password as the plain text in the database. It utilizes Bcrypt hashing algorithm in order to generate the encrypted password.

All these above-mentioned features of Laravel make the web application development easy and fast. This highly-functional framework is widely used in creating Enterprise web applications.

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A quick review of Magento 2.0: What's new for Business Owners and Developers?

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If you have an amazing e-commerce website running on Magento platform, then you must have known that the advanced version of Magento has been introduced. Utilized by more than 200,000 website owners, Magento 2.0 is the latest incarnation. This latest version provides a large number of flexible tools that can cover your advanced marketing and SEO needs.

With Magento 2, it has become easier to manage the content and functionality of your e-store. Magento has also improved the way products are formed in Magento 2.0. The first and foremost thing to consider is that all the required fields are now located on the first screen. Furthermore, it is easy to add videos from Vimeo or Youtube to your e-store.

Let's have a look at some of the exciting features of Magento 2.0:

Better Extensions:
Magento 2.0 offers a large number of extensions that makes it highly functional. If your online store is running on Magento 1.x, then you probably have up to settle down with a few extensions. But with 2.0, you will find advanced extensions to give your website new look and functionality.

Compatible with More Popular Platforms:
Magento 2.0 uses Zend Framework and PHP 5.3 in order to manage the performance of cache engine and translations. Moreover, it supports Oracle and MSSQL that is ideal for Windows Platform Server.

Robust Coding Architecture:
Magento has fully adopted HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 which is the significant consideration you will find with Magento 2.0. Besides, it uses MySQL 5.6 and PHP 5.5.x that makes the coding architecture highly robust.

New Default Theme:
The default theme that used to come up with the older version of Magento was completely improved now. The new default theme LUMA has the improved file structure and code base with latest ecommerce trends. It also comes with attractive design and tiles on the homepage that permit you to show more banners. Moreover, the theme can be easily customized according to your needs.

Completely Rebuilt Admin Area
If you have already worked in the Admin Panel of Magento, then you must have known that it is not the user-friendly. However, Magento interface is one of the most significant developments in Magento 2. It does not only look decent but it also more practical; the menu items are organized and arranged vertically, so it is easy to access the required sections of the website.

Magento 2.0 has come up with a streamlined checkout option. It also allows you to create configurable products without having to add the product manually. All the goods can be created automatically and edited in bulk. However, it’s time to upgrade your Magento platform and avail several exciting features.

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