Business Owners – Things to Know Before an App Development

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Every time a new app gets launched it’s developed either for Android or iOS or both the platforms. But why every time an app is built it isn’t designed together for both iOS and Android?

As such no technological rather business logic exists behind this judgment, and below the write-up explains those reasons.

The prominent cause why companies and startups plan app launch only on one platform orbits around the rapid evolution. So the concept is that when you plan to build an app not necessarily, you would know what attributes or specification your users would require the most.

Comprehending that you took a wrong turn and having to spindle can cause you more for the blunder you will have to pay unnecessary if you build the app for both Android and iOS.

The bright thing to perform here is to create an MVP – Model View Presenter, begin it to get user reaction, see what operates and what runs fail, learn from your audience and use that experience to enhance your app better before jumping onto other platforms. Once the app plan is approved, and you know ultimately what your product should be as you can then spend more and develop for additional platforms.

One more crucial aspect is the price factor of Mobile App Development (iOS and Android).

At this stage, you might be querying, but it isn’t same as building for iOS and Android?
There is only one solution - NO. Unless you use the cross-platform tool, it is truly very complex to develop the first app for Android or iOS. On the whole, they are different programming languages, and you have to follow a complete distinctive UI guidelines set. And that’s the logic - you are paying more than twice when it is about app building for both the platforms.

As app building is very pricey concentrating just on one platform, to begin which will significantly suit your budget.

One more thing to note is to know whether your app is paid or free or ad supported. Your strategy for monetization acts an important role in your choices as iOS, and Android users have separate spending ways.

At the end of the day getting over the dilemma of the platform is a life savings decision.
So before developing for all platforms try to know your users, their relation with your app. Begin an MVP on one platform - Android or iOS and observe the app users activity, how they take the features of your app before finalizing any platform.

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