5 Best Free Wordpress SEO Plugins To Make Your Website SEO Friendly

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As we know that Search Engine Optimization is now an important part of online marketing and every business also. It is a vast field and requires sound knowledge to become perfect in it. Using proper WordPress SEO plugins to your website can save your time as well as will boost up your SEO ranking.

According to a survey it is clear that today WordPress is used by more than 50 million websites and is known as the best blogging platform.  WordPress Website Design and development has become most common way for creating a website. It provides various plugins which makes your website visually beautiful and attractive. We all try to improve our brand and it is done by SEO as it helps to increase traffic and visitors at your websites by some given keywords.

Here are some Best Free WordPress SEO plugins which will make your website SEO friendly and also boosts its ranking. You can hire SEO experts to enhance your ranking in this competitive world, but you can also SEO yourself by using WordPress SEO plugins.

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The best WordPress SEO plugins those are available for free are-

WordPress SEO by Yoast - It is the best WordPress plugin that takes care of many parts on your website, such as adding Meta value for homepage, adding Meta value for single post, social SEO etc. You can download this plugin for free and also can learn how to use it by various tutorials available on the internet.

All In One SEO Pack - It is one of the most popular SEO plugins which is built for bloggers, online businesses and magazines. If you are a person who doesn’t really understand SEO then this plugin is for you. It automatically generates Meta description, keywords and optimizes your website. It automatically adds tags and extends support for ecommerce website.

SEOPressor - SEOPressor is the most powerful WordPress SEO plugin made in 2015.  It is made to manage all your pages, posts, custom post formats in your website. It comes with a specific internal linking feature which enables you to give a specific link to a particular word. SEOPressor also helps to make your site more social friendly with adding Facebook open graph and Twitter tags.

Platinum SEO Pack Plugin - Another Best WordPress plugin is Platinum SEO pack, its features included helps you to make your site SEO friendly. Its unique features adds index, follow and unfollow, and tags.  It generates Meta tags automatically, canonical URLs and Add index, noindez to your website.

SEO friendly Images - In order to get higher ranking you should use this plugin and can increase your visitors. You can drive a significant amount of visitors to your site by adding beautiful pictures to your website.  This plugin adds images, and name them automatically.

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These were the best free WordPress SEO plugins which can rapidly boost your website to the heights in the internet. A user of the website can use the above SEO plugins and can achieve high rankling from his competitors. Give a try to these Best Free WordPress Plugins and make your website SEO friendly.

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What Is Wordpress And Why You Should Have A Wordpress Based Website?

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WordPress is a free online, open source website creation tool and content management system based on PHP and MySQL.  It was started in 2003 with a single bit of code to enhance the style of everyday writing when there were very less users. Since then it has developed as the largest self-hosted blogging instrument in the world, which is used by millions of people across the world. 

WordPress has different features such as user may install and switch between themes, they can change the looks and functioning of a website, plug-in architecture which allows a user to extend its features and mobile friendly application for the same.

Often people ask: why should we use WordPress, what qualities does it have which my old site lacks.  They sometimes consider it as just a blogging platform which was true in the past but in recent years WordPress website has evolved as a versatile Content Management System (CMS). User can create a simple blog with WordPress and now they can create fully functional websites with it. 

According to a recent survey, WordPress has the 22.5% of shares of all the websites. The main reason for this success is that WordPress is easy to use and flexible enough for just everything.

The Answer for The Question Why Should You Use Wordpress Based Website Is

WordPress is Free

It is free software, which makes a user free to download, install, use and modify it.  As it is open source software, it is managed by a large number of volunteers who are WordPress consultants having interest in maintain and developing WordPress Platform. There are currently 2600+ WordPress themes and 31000+ plugins available for free.

WordPress is easy to Learn

WordPress is easy and flexible enough to use and learn that is the reason it is utilized by millions of people every day. It can be easily learnt through various tutorials available on the internet. New people are joining the WordPress community by creating their WordPress websites.

WordPress is Extendable

WordPress is mostly used by people who are not web designers or programmers. As a matter of fact they start using it without any previous information.  Persons choose WordPress website over other options because it provides thousands of free themes so user can change its website looks according to his choice. There are many themes offered on it such as photography theme, magazine theme, ecommerce theme and a portfolio theme.  Consumer can change its color, background; upload logo and many other things without writing any code at all.

WordPress is a flexible and extendable website, which can be changed by using plugins. There are hundreds of free plugins available that can add extra functioning and new platforms to WordPress. 

WordPress is Search Engine Friendly

It is designed as a SEO friendly website. It is written using standard observance high quality code and produces which makes client’s website very attractive to search engines.  User can create it even more SEO friendly by using SEO plugins.

WordPress is Easily Manageable

WordPress is designed with build in updater which allows a client to update his own plugins and themes within its admin dashboard. It gives the notification when there is a new version of WordPress website is available, so one can update it by clicking a single button.

WordPress is Safe and Secure

It is developed with security features; therefore it is quite safe and secure to run any website. However, in real world there are many hackers who can have access to the client’s site; so different softwares are also used to monitor security threats.

WordPress can Support Different Media Types

WordPress is just not limited to writing blogs. It comes with the feature which supports images, audio and video contents. It also can handle YouTube videos, Instagram photos and tweets just by posting the URL there. 

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5 Facts That Justify Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Website For your Business

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why mobile friendly website?

Indisputably mobile friendly sites are the need of the hour for businesses of all sizes and types. Yet, a survey conducted in the year 2014 says that only about 6% of SMB websites in the USA and UK are mobile optimized. Having said that, it is clear that still a large number of small to medium size businesses are overlooking the potential of a mobile friendly, or responsive as it is called technically, website to boost ROI.

Thus, in this post we have decided to jot down 5 most important reasons that shows why creative a responsive website design makes a complete sense. Read on.

1. Time users spend on mobile devices has increased remarkably

About 55% of total time spent by the users for online activities, mainly shopping, is on mobile devices, particularly smartphone, says a market study. A report from the Guardian UK also revealed that 52% of total visits to the web stores came from the mobile devices including phones and tablets.

So, if you are going to build an online store, make sure you adapt to the responsive web design. Simply put, a responsive website design has the ability to adjust its content according to different screen sizes of various devices.

2. Responsive sites help boost local business

A Google study says that about 18% of local store searched performed using mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, turns into sale, unlike the 7% in case of non-local web searches. Your local customers are going mobile, so its high time you make your business go mobile too!

3. A massive increase in the smartphone users worldwide

61 out of 100 adults in the United States are having a smartphone today. Same is the scenario with other countries like UK, Canada, Australia, India and China. The internet prices have also reduced largely in last few years contributing to the popularity of mobile-friendly sites.

4. Users’ behavior to contact businesses using a click-to-call button

A recent study found that Google’s click-to-call feature has become immensely popular amongst users of all demographics these days. However, when your site doesn’t come along a click-to-call button in Google search results, users will see if your website has a call button or not. Such direct calling options are used extensively by web users these days.

5. Increase in conversion rate

Many studies have found that a mobile-friendly site can dramatically improve your site’s conversion rate getting you more sales. A responsive web design, when done right, can make it a lot easier for the end users to browse through your site, regardless of the device they access it from.

Besides these, there are a plethora of other reasons of creating a responsive website design for your online business such as growing number of holiday sales from mobile devices, quick access to business information anywhere anytime on the go, increase in mobile marketing campaigns, dramatic rise in social media access through mobile devices, and exponential growth in website traffic from mobile devices.

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