5 Facts That Justify Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Website For your Business

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why mobile friendly website?

Indisputably mobile friendly sites are the need of the hour for businesses of all sizes and types. Yet, a survey conducted in the year 2014 says that only about 6% of SMB websites in the USA and UK are mobile optimized. Having said that, it is clear that still a large number of small to medium size businesses are overlooking the potential of a mobile friendly, or responsive as it is called technically, website to boost ROI.

Thus, in this post we have decided to jot down 5 most important reasons that shows why creative a responsive website design makes a complete sense. Read on.

1. Time users spend on mobile devices has increased remarkably

About 55% of total time spent by the users for online activities, mainly shopping, is on mobile devices, particularly smartphone, says a market study. A report from the Guardian UK also revealed that 52% of total visits to the web stores came from the mobile devices including phones and tablets.

So, if you are going to build an online store, make sure you adapt to the responsive web design. Simply put, a responsive website design has the ability to adjust its content according to different screen sizes of various devices.

2. Responsive sites help boost local business

A Google study says that about 18% of local store searched performed using mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, turns into sale, unlike the 7% in case of non-local web searches. Your local customers are going mobile, so its high time you make your business go mobile too!

3. A massive increase in the smartphone users worldwide

61 out of 100 adults in the United States are having a smartphone today. Same is the scenario with other countries like UK, Canada, Australia, India and China. The internet prices have also reduced largely in last few years contributing to the popularity of mobile-friendly sites.

4. Users’ behavior to contact businesses using a click-to-call button

A recent study found that Google’s click-to-call feature has become immensely popular amongst users of all demographics these days. However, when your site doesn’t come along a click-to-call button in Google search results, users will see if your website has a call button or not. Such direct calling options are used extensively by web users these days.

5. Increase in conversion rate

Many studies have found that a mobile-friendly site can dramatically improve your site’s conversion rate getting you more sales. A responsive web design, when done right, can make it a lot easier for the end users to browse through your site, regardless of the device they access it from.

Besides these, there are a plethora of other reasons of creating a responsive website design for your online business such as growing number of holiday sales from mobile devices, quick access to business information anywhere anytime on the go, increase in mobile marketing campaigns, dramatic rise in social media access through mobile devices, and exponential growth in website traffic from mobile devices.

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