Myths most people have about WordPress development

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WordPress is one of the most popular CMS in the world with powering more than 23% websites created till date. It is easily accessible, reliable and secure as well. Even a non-technical person can also make changes to their website or blog without any complications. WordPress enables the developers to create a fully functional website and mobile application with complete responsiveness.

If you are new for WordPress Website development you must have heard a lot of things about WordPress, some are true, and some of them are less than the whole truth. With thousands of sites in the world, WordPress doesn’t have to prove anything. Small business owners who require a website mostly opt for WordPress as they found it a perfect solution for their website, but most of them leave it as they think it isn’t a right choice. In spite of having numerous features, there are few people who suspicious of using WordPress for their website development. No CMS is right for every site, but WordPress may act as cheapest, easiest and very functional option for it. These misrepresentations are referred as “WordPress Myths”. These myths are sometimes entirely fictitious or are exaggerated conception. 

Here are the common myths people have about WordPress Development:

It is just a blogging platform- WordPress was initially launched as a blogging website. However, in few years, it has emerged and grown as a powerful CMS. It is not just limited to the blogs, but one can build its website, develop and can update it with thousands of available themes and plugins. WordPress is a reliable platform which people can use to create their personal websites, e-commerce stores, and a business site with ease.

It isn’t secure- WordPress is an open source platform and it easily available as well, these things doesn’t make it insecure. Hackers try to exploit even the smallest vulnerability in any website, it not just about WordPress. As WordPress is a well-known platform hackers try to breach the security of it in large number. There are various plugins available for WordPress that can increase the security of a site.  Moreover, keeping themes and plugins regularly updated and creating full site backup can keep the hackers away.

Inadequate for e-commerce websites- Most of the people have this misconception about WordPress that it is inadequate for an e-commerce website. While creating an e-commerce site, people tend to opt for Magento or OpenCart, instead of WordPress.  Originally WordPress was not designed to handle stores and products, but now there a large number of frameworks and plugins available that can convert it into a secure and reliable e-commerce solution. One can easily build a fully functional WordPress based e-commerce website with using WP e-commerce, Woocommerce, and easy digital downloads.

WordPress is Slow- Websites are no more just about the HTML pages, graphics and CSS working together. Nowadays, new technology has arrived that has grown the size and functionality of the websites. This idea may force you to believe that WordPress can slow down the server, but it is not true.  The truth is, WordPress uses the top web standard that makes it fast to setup and work as well. Slow speed is usually due to cheap hosting or bad coding of plugins.  Cheap hosting hosts your site with various other sites on the same server which lead to the slow speed of your website. Just choose a good WordPress hosting along with renowned plugins.

It isn’t Responsive- People always say that WordPress can’t support advance functionalities of the web. If the theme is built to be responsive, it will be. If your theme is responsive, the site will automatically change as per the size screen of the visitor. Responsive themes can be easily found on marketplace like Elegant Themes, My Theme Shop or Themeforest. Moreover, WordPress mobile plugins and mobile friendly versions of the website will work for you.

WordPress is prominent, easy and scalable CMS. It has a huge market share and a great community that is working for the future of WordPress. But people have many misconceptions about it, such as it is can be used just as a blogging site, it is not adequate for e-commerce, it is not responsive, it is not secure, etc. But the truth is WordPress is secured, robust, reliable and flexible, one just has to use it in a right way.

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