Why should you prefer WordPress?

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Do I really need to switch my website to WordPress? Isn’t my existing site good enough? Is WordPress CMS completely secured? You may have asked yourself all these questions several times while thinking about switching your website to any other CMS. Today, more than 74 million sites websites are created using WordPress. This powerful content management system has become a popular among businesses because due to its easiness and security.

WordPress plugins provide you an opportunity to add amazing features to your website without hiring a developer. Although one can still use WordPress to write a blog. But, nowadays it is widely using for creating fully functional websites and mobile applications.

In this article, you will find out some reasons that why you should prefer WordPress.


Plugins are significant parts of the WordPress. Users can enhance the functionality of their website while using plugins. They can be the great option for your websites as they allow for tons of customization options. Some widely-used WordPress plugins are Akismet, Robots meta, All in one SEO, SEO friendly images, etc. It is easy to find and install the right plugin to your website. You can take help or hire WordPress Developer in configuring the right plugin for your website.

Thousands of professionally designed themes

WordPress provides a large number of professionally-designed website that can change the feel of your site. All of these themes allow you to develop the most engaging website without hiring an expert WordPress developer. There are more than 2000 themes available for free.

Search engine friendly

WordPress is an SEO-friendly content management system that solves several SEO issues. With its free Yoast SEO plugin, you can make your website more search engine friendly.

WordPress is Fast & Secure

The WordPress is created with the best code standards and security in mind in order to make it fast and secured. The CMS gets regular updates intended to improve the security holes. Besides, you can improve the security of your website easily while using plugins such as iThemes Security.

WordPress is ready for the mobile web

If you think your users are landing on your website from the desktops, then think again. The usage of mobile has been increasing significantly. So, your site must work well on the smartphones, tablet, or other mobile devices. Most WordPress themes are created to be mobile-friendly; all you need to do is choose the most suitable theme that suits your business niche.

So, these are some of the advantaged of choosing WordPress for creating your website. If you are looking forward to launch a website for your business, then you must go with the WordPress.


WordPress provides a large number of themes, widgets, and plugins that can help you creating amazing websites. Let’s check out some significant advantages associated with it.  If you are looking for a WordPress development Company in order to get an Amazing website then contact Baymediasoft an offshore WordPress Development Company.