5 Best Free Wordpress SEO Plugins To Make Your Website SEO Friendly

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As we know that Search Engine Optimization is now an important part of online marketing and every business also. It is a vast field and requires sound knowledge to become perfect in it. Using proper WordPress SEO plugins to your website can save your time as well as will boost up your SEO ranking.

According to a survey it is clear that today WordPress is used by more than 50 million websites and is known as the best blogging platform.  WordPress Website Design and development has become most common way for creating a website. It provides various plugins which makes your website visually beautiful and attractive. We all try to improve our brand and it is done by SEO as it helps to increase traffic and visitors at your websites by some given keywords.

Here are some Best Free WordPress SEO plugins which will make your website SEO friendly and also boosts its ranking. You can hire SEO experts to enhance your ranking in this competitive world, but you can also SEO yourself by using WordPress SEO plugins.

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The best WordPress SEO plugins those are available for free are-

WordPress SEO by Yoast - It is the best WordPress plugin that takes care of many parts on your website, such as adding Meta value for homepage, adding Meta value for single post, social SEO etc. You can download this plugin for free and also can learn how to use it by various tutorials available on the internet.

All In One SEO Pack - It is one of the most popular SEO plugins which is built for bloggers, online businesses and magazines. If you are a person who doesn’t really understand SEO then this plugin is for you. It automatically generates Meta description, keywords and optimizes your website. It automatically adds tags and extends support for ecommerce website.

SEOPressor - SEOPressor is the most powerful WordPress SEO plugin made in 2015.  It is made to manage all your pages, posts, custom post formats in your website. It comes with a specific internal linking feature which enables you to give a specific link to a particular word. SEOPressor also helps to make your site more social friendly with adding Facebook open graph and Twitter tags.

Platinum SEO Pack Plugin - Another Best WordPress plugin is Platinum SEO pack, its features included helps you to make your site SEO friendly. Its unique features adds index, follow and unfollow, and tags.  It generates Meta tags automatically, canonical URLs and Add index, noindez to your website.

SEO friendly Images - In order to get higher ranking you should use this plugin and can increase your visitors. You can drive a significant amount of visitors to your site by adding beautiful pictures to your website.  This plugin adds images, and name them automatically.

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These were the best free WordPress SEO plugins which can rapidly boost your website to the heights in the internet. A user of the website can use the above SEO plugins and can achieve high rankling from his competitors. Give a try to these Best Free WordPress Plugins and make your website SEO friendly.

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