Mobile App Marketing - The big step after developing your mobile app

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Mobile App Marketing - The big step after developing your mobile app

The idea of an app and developing it successfully is just not enough in today’s crowded marketplace. We can see businesses releasing apps with not enough market research, not collecting feedback from the users and without any effective mobile app marketing strategy.

This brings not so effective results for their businesses, if mobile app marketing is not the part of your mobile application development strategy, then you need to plan for it as soon as possible.

You will require a proper app marketing plan, as developing a unique and engaging app can ensure app popularity, but your app cannot move ahead without proper marketing. Your app must be visible to the targeted users; it will make you stand out from the crowd.

Some of the ways by which you can market your app are as follows:
  • ·       Create a Buzz- With the fierce competition in the mobile app world, you require to make your app visible to a large number of people. You need to start talking about it and create a strong buzz so that people wait for its launch. Creating hype for your app will make audience download it on first place.
  • ·       Using Social Media- Promoting your app through business social media makes it go viral before launching in the marketplace. Facebook, Twitter and Google + are the biggest platforms, for reaching out your audience at large. Target users will have a personal connection with the app, and as soon as it is released, they can’t wait to get their hands on your app.
  • ·       App store optimization- App store optimization is a process to optimize your app to rank higher in the relevant app store. The higher your app ranks more it reaches to the potential customers. It is similar to search engine optimization, where you can find out the keywords your target audience is using to search apps that are same to yours. As the number of downloads will increase for your app, the better it will be for your ASO.
  • ·       Press Release- Create and submit a press release for your app on various famous sites, to make it a big event. A good professionally and technically written press release will work for you. As it is one of the best ways to publicize and announce your app, it must be included in your marketing strategy.
  • ·       In-App Advertising – Businesses must look for app landscape and should focus on apps that are frequently used. Various apps such as Twitter allow mobile advertising or you can say in-app advertising. This will help you to distribute your app quickly among the audience.

Your app won’t be able to survive in this cut-throat competition if it doesn’t have a balanced mobile app marketing plan. If you want to earn the return from your business app, then you have to invest in app marketing.

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