Importance of Caching in WordPress Website

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When it is about website optimization, caching in WordPress can never be undervalued. It is a less talked about topic, yet, it remains a comparatively a minor utilized feature among a huge section of the WordPress users. The article answers questions related to caching in WordPress, what it is, and what benefits you can get with caching.

Importance of Caching in WordPress


Simply, caching applies to the manner of generating static versions of your content for serving it to the website audience. Static pages render swiftly in browsers which lead to the speedy website performance. In WordPress, web page fetching or rendering demands back and forth queries to be sent to and from the database. Now, each time you create a page or a post you won't be updating it every single time. Caching generates static copies of your page or post, and fetches that to the website visitor. This way, by avoiding the back and forth queries reduces the server load.

Benefits of Caching

Caching provide various benefits, some of which are

• Primarily it improves the website speed and performance. Static cached files load quickly than the dynamic database a query, which leads to quicker and reliable website performance.

• Caching reduces the hosting server load, which further maintains server memory and input-output operations. Consequently, caching is then an essential feature, particularly for users limited to hosting plans.

• More the website loads fast, more it ranks high on the search engines. Although other things also play crucial roles, like content quality and other SEO factors. But keeping all other things checked, a website which swiftly loads gets a better page rank. Google considers page speed for ranking.

• Also, Cached websites provide an overall better user experience. More the site loads faster, more the user enjoy browsing. Furthermore, user’s bandwidth also gets saved.

Just like Optimization, Caching in WordPress is also performance related fine-tuning. To speed up the loading time of your site, Caching is the quick way for an excellent website performance.

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